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Hello my dear fairy :) I'm Ailova . Sweet 14 . Stay Johor . Do stalk , do follow kay ? Behave your attitude here . Do respect me and I respect you as well :) I hate COPYCATS . So , please don't copy my words . I appreciate your cooperation :) Btw , thanks for understanding me , and don't forget to follow kay ? Thank you for read this :)

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One class with my enemy ? Erghhhh !!!

Hye pepps ! You know what ? My first day at school , , ergghhhh ! Really-2 tensiom . First , saya turun kelas #itsreallymakememad !! Second , I've got one class with my enemy . Nak tak nak , i have to face her everyday . Swear , i hate to be one class with her . My bestfriends also in that class ( Miss Capital F ) . So , she wants me and my enemy to be friends ! Swear , I don't want to be friends with her (enemy) anymore . After what happens last year , I don't think I wanna talk to her again . But ! At the same time , I don't want to hurt my bestfriends . She's really hope that I and my enemy will be friends back ! Arghhhh !!! What should I do ? Seriously , I don't want to be friends with her back . I really confused now ! Seriously I dah tak nak baik ngan dia . I hate her so much . Maafkan , maybe lha . But friends , never ! Tension juga lha fikir pasal nih . Study in class , swear I am the good students :D Because , I don't have friends in that class . So , I don't know want to talk to who . but tomorrow is the day that I'm waiting for . Esok Mesyuarat Rumah Sukan , And next week , bermula lha latihan rumah sukan . Yeaayyyy ! I'm loving it . But , I tak habis fikir , why I must sane class with my enemy ? Ergghhhhhh ! Enough ! Don't think about it again . Or my face will get kedut :P Okayy , daripada bercerita pasal musuh yang tak berguna tuh , lebih cerita pasal benda lain . Am I right ? 2012 azam baru tau ! Sudah tak nak couple lagi , SWEAR ! Nak focus to study and cepat-2 Get Out from that class . Seriously , I HATE you , AFNI AZIERA !! And I never wants to be friends with you again . For komsas , if we got the same group , I still can cooperate with you , DON'T WORRY ! Because , I don't want to mix our personal problems with our study . So , don't need to be friends with me back pun tak apa . Sebab I memang tak nak ! Got it ? Kay Mampus sana !! :D Okay lha all readers , I think I should end my post here . I've go to sleep because I have important day tomorrow . So , bye ! Till the next post ;)

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